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Co-dependence is the addiction that screams the loudest and is heard the least. It is fatal if left untreated and is rife throughout the world today. Acknowledging this addiction in yourself is the first step to emotional freedom.

Addressing your addiction


Roslyn Saunders is someone who has the benefit of firsthand experience of dealing with addiction and overcoming it to live an engaged and enriching life. Having faced and survived her own personal challenges, she can speak and act with integrity. Roslyn has been where you have been – “in the trenches”.
She works with her clients to provide practical strategies that support and challenge her clients as they navigate a sustainable pathway to recovery from co-dependence. Roslyn is your ‘go-to’ now if you feel you’ve exhausted all your options and not had the recovery success you’d like.

How Can Roslyn Help You?

At once both tough and supportive, Roslyn brings a practical
and grounded approach to work with and inspire people to
face the challenges of addiction, which overwhelm our lives.
The first to acknowledge it is a lifelong process, she draws on
her vast experience and learning to educate clients to
navigate meaningful, sustainable change away from addiction
to live more balanced, empowered lives.


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Success Story

Roslyn introduced me to personal growth and self discovery – a journey which has been at times both excruciatingly painful and most gratifying. Roslyn’s guidance, unconditional love, support and extensive knowledge of this process has been priceless.


Brisbane, Australia

I’ve worked with Roslyn now for well over a year. To say her coaching has transformed my life is not an understatement.

I came to her when I ended my second marriage. I was at rock bottom; emotionally, financially and spiritually. I had no idea about how I would resurrect things or even whether I could.

Through Ros’ caring, firm and timely counsel, I have managed to get my life back, one step at a time. I have been able to develop my own business, re-connect with myself, gain confidence, and create stability, both emotionally and financially. I’ve deepened my understanding of myself and the way co-dependency has impacted my life.

In my opinion, her wisdom in co-dependency and addiction recovery is unparalleled. She just knows what to do. Each time I’ve come to her with a situation, she has been able to guide me through it, while still leaving space for me to develop my own emotional muscle. The learning I’ve gained through this work with Ros has changed my life. It’s also made me realise the importance of our emotional sobriety if we want to remain healthy, balanced and enjoy life.

I highly recommend Roslyn if you are struggling to cope with any relationship or addiction challenges


Brisbane, Australia